Burn It Down – Linkin Park Music Lyrics, Video

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Burn It Down – Linkin Park Music Lyrics, Video

Lyrics and Music Video of Burn It Down – Linkin Park

Burn It Down is the lead single by American rock band Linkin Park, from their fifth studio album. The song was written by the band and produced by co-lead vocalist Mike Shinoda and Rick Rubin. The music video was directed by Joe Hahn, the band’s turntablist.
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Lyrics of Burn It Down – Linkin Park

(verse 1)
(Chester Bennington)
Oh can you feel it
When you take a look in the sky
All that I steal is
The one thing I couldn’t find
And you were there
And begun
Waiting to let me go
(Chester Bennington)
We’re Building it Up
Break it back down
We’re building it up
Burn it down
Can’t wait
Burn it to collide
(Mike Shinoda)
I play solider you play king
Shut me down when I think that way
Fought that fight, I hold that crown
I built you up but you let me down
When you fall, I take my turn
And then you hide and that’s my concern.

Song Information of Burn It Down – Linkin Park

Album Cover Of Burn It Down - Linkin ParkOriginal Release Date: 16 April 2012
Label: Warner Bros.
Copyright: 2012 Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Duration: 3:51 minutes
Genres: Indie & Alternative

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