Caravan – Rush Music Lyrics, Video

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Caravan – Rush Music Lyrics, Video

Lyrics and Music Video of Caravan by Rush

Caravan by Rush Caravan is the first single by Canadian rock band Rush, from their upcoming 2011 album “Clockwork Angel”s with music and lyrics credited to Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart.
It was released to radio stations and saw digital release on June 1, 2010. The B-side is an additional studio track titled “BU2B”. Both songs were recorded April 13, 2010 at Blackbird Studios in Nashville with producer Nick Raskulinecz with mixing and engineering done by Richard Chycki at the Sound Kitchen in Franklin, Tennessee.
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Music Video of Caravan by Rush

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Lyrics of Caravan by Rush

Rush – Caravan Lyrics

In a world lit only by fire
Long train of flares under piercing stars
I stand watching the steamliners roll by

The caravan thunders onward
To the distant dream of the city
The caravan carries me onward
On my way at last
On my way at last

I can’t stop thinking big
I can’t stop thinking big

On a road lit only by fire
Going where I want, instead of where I should
I peer out at the passing shadows
Carried through the night into the city
Where a young man has a chance of making good
A chance to break from the past
The caravan thunders onward
Stars winking through the canvas hood
On my way at last

In a world where I feel so small
I can’t stop thinking big

Rush – BU2B Lyrics

I was brought up to believe
The universe has a plan
We are only human
It’s not ours to understand

The universe has a plan
All is for the best
Some will be rewarded
And the devil take the rest

All is for the best
Believe in what we’re told
Blind men in the market
Buying what we’re sold
Believe in what we’re told
Until our final breath
While our loving Watchmaker
Loves us all to death

In a world of cut and thrust
I was always taught to trust
In a world where all must fail
Heaven’s justice will prevail

The joy and pain that we receive
Each comes with its own cost
The price of what we’re winning
Is the same as what we’ve lost

Until our final breath
The joy and pain that we receive
Must be what we deserve
I was brought up to believe

Additional Information of song Caravan – Rush

Released June 1, 2010
Recorded April 13, 2010
Genre Hard rock
Length 10:01
Label Anthem Records (Canada), Atlantic Records
Producer Nick Raskulinecz and Rush
The songs were mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in New York. According to drummer Neil Peart’s latest personal essay, these two new songs are the initial parts of what he refers to as an “extended album-length story”

Music Info Source: Caravan – Rush on Wikipedia
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  • Dave Tremper
    June 4, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    Caravan is a fantastic song! Shows the superb musicianship of Rush… LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it… the chorus is so catchy. Looking forward to seeing them once forthe umpteenth time again in September 2010. 🙂

  • Mike
    June 12, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    These two songs smoke! Looking so forward to their next album. And seeing them for the 13th time in Chi town at the Charter Pavillion. OH Yeah…………………………………………………..

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