Katy Perry in Part of Me Music Video

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Katy Perry in Part of Me Music Video

Katy Perry has premiered her new video for “Part of Me”, on Tuesday on MTV. The Part of Me new single (audio song) was previously premiered at Grammys and now here’s Perry with the interesting video for song. In the video, the 27-year-old singer is seen to have joined Marines after dumping up her cheating boyfriend.


Perry who said was exhausted after filming the video was much respectful to the people in Marines. Speaking to MTV she saidThis music video, as much as I was sore and exhausted, I was so educated on people in the service who I’ve always respected, but this time the respect goes beyond and above anything I could’ve imagined”. She further added “The stuff that they go through, the loyalties and strengths that they all possess, it seems like they are seriously, not to sound weird, but it’s seriously the heart of America.

Katy Perry in Part of Me Music Video

Her respect for Marines was also tweeted as;


The song is widely believed to have written about her ex-husband, Russell Brand. Perry, however, has denied the song is about Brand stating that she wrote the record more than two years ago.

The song is on Top ten list of Billboard (Number 10) along with the one that Got away at number 9. Enjoy the Music Video.

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